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INNS now has a SIG on Advanced Technology in Financial Applications. Write to for information about joining the AT-Finance-Board discussion. [Guido J. Deboeck. Masud Cader (, Neuron Digest, 4/30/93.]

The UK's Dept. of Trade & Industry (DTI) has a Neural Computing Technology Transfer Programme. DTI is providing $1M over two years (matched by member contributions) to the NEUROFORECASTING Club of London Business School and University College London to help financial institutions apply neural technology. For info, contact Derek Bunn, (++44 71) 262 50 50, or Paul Refenes (, (++44 71) 380 73 29. [Neuron Digest, 3/23/93.]

"Neural Network System for Tactical Asset Allocation in the Global Bonds Markets" by M. Azema-Barac and A.N. Refenes ( describes several networks integrated into a global portfolio management system. A 3-year test yielded returns above 100%, vs. 34% for industry benchmarks. See Proc. IEE 3rd Int. Conf. on ANNS, 5/25-27/93, Brighton, UK. [Neuron Digest, 3/23/93.]

A paper by Yamamoto and Zenios on cascade-correlation neural networks to predict mortgage prepayments has appeared in The Journal of Fixed Income (3/93, pp. 86-96). Reprints can be obtained from Marge Weiler, Decision Sciences Dept., The Wharton School, UPennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104; (215) 898-5872. [S.A. Zenios (, Neuron Digest, 4/17/93.]

The Very Fast Simulated Reannealing (VFSR) package has been upgraded to permit additional parameter tweaking -- version 9.3 can even recursively optimize its own program options. FTP opt/vfsr.Z from (login "netlib", binary transfer) or mail a "send vfsr from opt" message to or your local netlib server. also has the file as general/vfsr. [Lester Ingber (ingber, sci.math.stat, 4/4/93.]

"It has been said that the best new ideas in neural networks are coming from the 60's and 70's -- that people in the field are rediscovering the utility of tools (in statistics, control theory, etc.) that were developed 'ahead of their time' and had only limited practical application before the advent of today's machine-learning algorithms." [David Cohn (, connectionists, 4/12/93.]

USussex has six popular tech reports on genetic algorithms to develop neural-network controllers for a simulated visually guided robot. FTP files csrp*.ps.Z from pub/reports/csrp on, where * is 219, 220, 256, 264, 265, or 267. [, comp.robotics, 4/16/93. Bill Park.]

Academic Press has just published "Practical Neural Network Recipes in C++" by Timothy Masters. (617) 876-3901. [Peter G. Raeth, Neuron Digest, 3/25/93.]