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The Human Brain Project is a joint neuroscience effort by NIMH, NIDA, NSF, NIA, NICHD, NIDCD, NCRR, NLM, ONR, and NASA. (It's not easy working in the government. :-) Phase I will support research in development, storage, management, analysis, integration, and dissemination of neuroscience information (from all species). Data types include text, images, and 3D maps; subproblems include archiving, retrieval, compression, confidential transmission, heterogeneous data integration, visualization, navigation, modeling, groupware, and development of new sensors and systems. Letters of intent are requested by 4/19/93 (optional), Phase I applications by 6/15/93. In subsequent years these dates will be 7/1 and 10/15. Collaborative research initiation grants may request $230K/year; other proposals may reach $1.1M/year for five years. A total of $4M-$5M may be available in FY '93. Supercomputer support is also available. Contact Christiana Leonard (, (202) 357-7041, (202) 357-7846 Fax. [Oscar Garcia, 4/16/93.] (Almost any AI/IS technique could be applied in this domain if you find the right neuroscientist.)