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Multiverse is a simple, multiuser virtual reality system for X-Windows using Berkeley Sockets. Hierarchical objects allow attachment of cameras, light sources, and other code. The generic server environment requires only 81 additional lines of code; dogfight, 72 lines; and dactyl, 270 lines. FTP multiverse-1.0.2.tar.Z from pub/virtual-worlds on [Robert Grant (,, 4/14/93.]

IBM's Virtual Worlds Group at the T.J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY) has developed a modular unix VR Toolkit (not yet for sale) for applications in science, medicine, engineering, architecture, education, and business. Modules include the VPL DataGlove, Polhemus 3Space and Fastrack trackers, a 3D mouse, stereo 3D displays (including head-mounted displays), speech recognition, sound synthesis, and a 3D-graphics generator. [HPCwire, 3/26/93.]