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The MIT Media Laboratory, Learning and Common Sense Section, and MIT's Program in Media Arts and Sciences seek [primarily] junior faculty candidates for new-media application-inspired basic research in representation, learning, reasoning, education, and behavior-based AI. Send a resume, reprints, and a one-page summary of research directions to Stephen A. Benton (, (617) 253-8145, (617) 253-8823 Fax. [Mitchel Resnick (,, 7/6/93.]

Mills College, Center for Contemporary Music, is seeking an experienced BS+ technical director to maintain audio/DSP equipment, develop software, and research new musical technologies. $32K-$44K. Apply to Dir. of Personnel, Oakland, CA 94613. [Maggi Payne (, m.j.o, 7/7/93.]

Ircam (Paris) needs an MSc+ DSP software engineer to help develop a Unix/X/MS-DOS musical workstation architecture and signal-processing library. 15000FFrs/mo. Jean-Pascal Jullien (, +33 1 42 77 29 47 Fax. [m.j.o, 7/8/93.]

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Center for AI Research, needs two AI/pattern recognition postdocs for HMM/NN cursive handwriting recognition. Dr. Jin H. Kim (, 82 42 869 3517. [Sung-Bae Cho (, m.j.o, 7/7/93.]

Queensland University of Technology (Australia) needs an associate professor in CS for research in programming languages and systems, neurocomputing, or distributed systems. $AUD60K- $67K. Contact George Mohay (, (617) 864-1801 Fax, by 8/6. [, m.j.o, 7/6/93.]

The US Air Force Academy (Colorado 80840-5701) invites applications for a visiting or associate/assistant professorship in CS. One year starting 7/94. Apply by 9/15 to the chairman. [Robert A. Steigerwald (, m.j.o, 7/9/93.]

UIowa has an 8/93 or 1/94 CS visiting position opening in real-time physical-system simulation, virtual environments, robotics, computer vision, graphics, geometric modeling, etc. Joe Kearney (, (319) 335-0741. [m.j.o, 7/9/93.]

USC ISI (Marina del Rey, CA), Intelligent Systems Div., needs an AI/Lisp research programmer to support its EXPECT KBS tool development for knowledge acquisition and documentation in transportation planning. Cecile Paris ( or Yolanda Gil ( [m.j.o, 7/7/93.]

UCentral Florida, Institute for Simulation and Training, needs an MS/PhD RA to manage research projects in aggregate level simulation. $38K. Apply by 8/5 to Dr. A.L. Medin, 12424 Research Parkway, Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32826. [Art Cortes (cortes@sg2.uunet), m.j.o, 7/8/93.]

Sterling Software (Palo Alto) is seeking graphics-experienced Unix/C/C++ software engineers for work in scientific visualization and 3D virtual reality. SGI, IBM, DEC, and HP workstations. Aeronautical, space, environmental, fluid dynamics, and automotive applications. [m.j.o, 7/8/93.] (Sterling is a NASA contractor.)

Martin Marietta Advanced Technology Laboratories (Moorestown, NJ) needs an AI development engineer with 6+ years of Lisp/C/expert systems experience in KBS for fault diagnosis and automated maintenance. Assist in contract acquisition and customer integration. ATL also needs a distributed-database specialist, and an experienced MS AI applications engineer for KBS development in military C2 decision support. Security clearances required., (609) 866-6728 Fax. [m.j.o, 7/9/93.]

AECL Research (Ontario), Chalk River Laboratories, needs an experienced R&D human-factors scientist or engineer for CANDU nuclear power plant operator HCI and decision support. CDN$45K-$60K. #CSR2021; Lawrence Lupton (, (613) 584-1770 Fax. [G. Blake Steels (, m.j.o, 7/9/93.]

BARRA (Berkeley) needs a Motif/C++ software engineer to develop financial class libraries for a client/server trading system. NextStep and Objective C a plus. BARRA is a spin-off of UCB's Business School Finance Dept., specializing in econometrics, financial engineering, and trade/investment optimization. Robert Brown (, 1995 University Ave., Suite 400, Berkeley, CA 94704. [m.j.o, 7/8/93.]

Saudi Arabia needs an MS/PhD remote-sensing specialist experienced with LANDSAT TM, SPOT, and ERDAS. C programming. $48K tax-free. Richard Serby (, GeoSearch, Inc. (Colorado Springs), (719) 260-7087, (719) 260-7389 Fax.