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Computer Olympiad 2000 -- from the Mind Sports Olympiad and the ICCA --- will be held in London on 21-25Aug00. Games include Chess, Shogi, Chinese Chess, 19x19 Go, 10x10 Draughts, Poker (Texas Hold'em), Awari, Hex, Lines of Action, Amazon, Backgammon, Bridge, Scrabble, Othello, and perhaps others. [,, 17Nov99.]

"Simulation & Gaming: An Int'l J. of Theory, Practice and Research" has covered education, training, consultation, and research methodologies for more than 25 years. The quarterly also covers applications of modeling, learning, negotiation, communication, decision theory, psychology, politics, and other aspects of conflict situations. . [ or , newjour, 14May00.]

MindRover is a 3D competitive robot battle game with a visual programming interface, released in Nov99. . [Kent Quirk ,, 17Nov99.]

-- Ken