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Reference librarians are fielding more questions than they used to, as patrons have become aware that answers are always out there on the Web somewhere. The New York Public Library is looking for librarians with Internet training. [AP, 07Jul00. Edupage.]

Technical questions may be answered within hours -- or, you can get paid for the answers you provide to others -- at . [Vladimir Grabarchuk , comp.lang.lisp, 21Dec99.]

knowldgWORKS News is a newsletter about practical knowledge management. You can join its kworks discussion group via . [Randy M. Kaplan , NEW-LIST, 02May00.]

AskMagpie offers a listing of over 7K magazines and journals. . [Curt Davis , DUC, 23Dec99. net-hap.] offers a directory database for over 150K magazines, journals, newsletters, and other periodicals. . [David P. Dillard [, DUC, 14Dec99. net-hap.]

ResearchIndex is a digital library of computer science papers, harvested (and cached) from over 220K Web pages. The service has a citation index to over 2.5M documents, with text search, backwards citations, forward citations in context, and links to related documents (including those with substantial matching text). . Although wonderful, such archives raise ethical and security questions. How accurate are the document and Abstract captures, and how are document versions and corrections handled? Can papers be removed from the archive? Will citation counts be used in tenure decisions? (How many papers has J. Smith published, anyway?) Who has the power to add author's comments and make title corrections? (At present, almost anyone.) Do we want links showing what other papers were viewed by those who read the current page? (Those links are provided, and are a concern to scholars and patent researchers.) Is your entire browsing path kept on file? If these questions interest you, see reports of The Coalition for Network Information, at , or Henry Gladney's "Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users," . [Ursula Martin , RISKS, 19Dec99. John C. Cherniavsky.]

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