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The US Army says that it wants to use Army training simulations as computer games, to lure potential recruits. [SJM, 19Apr00, 3C.]

Sander Falise is creating a website and forum for AI in games. Visit or to contribute material. [,, 18Apr00.]

The Game AI Page has been updated, including a Game AI Poll, notes from AI roundtables, and photos from the GDC Annual AI Programmer's Dinner (with over 30 attendees). . [Steven Woodcock ,, 14Apr00.] (See also and .)

The Planning and Scheduling Mailing List is devoted to AI planning and scheduling: pure, applied, academic, and industrial. Send a "subscribe p-and-s" message to . See also . [Daniel Ballin ,, 02May00.]

Generation5 has opened a Forum5 bulletin board with sections for AI announcements, neural networks, and robotics. Other topics are welcome. . [James ,, 01May00.]

-- Ken