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Although the current economic slowdown is regrettable, many tech professionals are breathing a sigh of relief at the slower pace. Exhausted workaholics are seeing a chance to go home evenings and weekends, take a vacation, and catch up on family time. A lot of Silicon Valley workers are happier than they were six months ago. People who didn't join the tech force are also feeling better, having kept their old jobs instead of trading salary for now worthless stock options. Americans on average have been working a month more than a decade ago, and longer hours than any other workforce. Headhunters are encountering laid-off workers who are glad to be out of the 70-hour rat race. Not that anyone need worry, as the labor market is expected to remain tight for the next 20 years. Well, just one little worry: headhunters have stopped looking for average and below-average talent, and are now looking for "talent that's actually talented." Business fundamentals are in vogue again, and there's a feeling that now it's possible to know a good company from a poor one. Venture capitalists and investors are feeling comfortable with that. [Michelle Conlin, BW, 29Jan01, p. 58.]

geekfinder is a job-matching service from . [23Jan01.] (It uses the engine for searching high-tech job listings. .)

Silicon Valley job listing services are also offered by , , and .

Consulting Gigs is a discussion and contact list for consultants. or . [, NEW-LIST, 12Jan01.]

Want to run your own Internet startup in Shanghai, Tokyo, or Bangalore? Check with the Stanford Society of Asian American Engineers (SSAE) about their Asia Technology Initiative, . [BASES Digest, 22Jan01.]

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