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NSF's Faculty Early Career Development Program has a 25Jul00 deadline for CISE topics. CAREER supports the early career development of faculty members likely to become academic leaders. The top new CAREER awardees are also considered for NSF's candidates in the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). See and , which replace NSF 99-110. Changes have been made in eligibility criteria, award size and duration, the PECASE program, and proposal preparation and submission. The CISE/IIS contact is Ephraim P. Glinert , (703) 306-1926. [Maria Zemankova , IRLIST, 24Apr00.] (Maria urges senior researchers in her Information and Data Management community to act as mentors to junior faculty who might apply for this program. CAREER proposals have a 30% success rate, which is higher than the rate for regular proposals. PECASE success is much lower -- and more prestigious -- but CISE/IIS/IDM candidates Renee J. Miller and Gregory H. Leazer won in 1997 and 1998.)

Upcoming NSF deadlines include: Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI), 09Jun00; Science and Technology Centers (STC) Integrative Partnerships letters of intent, 15Jun00; NSF Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarships (CSEMS) letters of intent, 16Jun00; Information Technology Workforce, 22Jun00; Advanced Computational Research Program software tools, 01Jul00; FY 2000/2001 Combined Research-Curriculum Development (CRCD) Program, 02Jul00; Computational Neuroscience, (10Jul00); Human Cognition and Perception, (15Jul00); Linguistics, (15Jul00); Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCOR), 17Jul00; Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Program preproposals, 19Jul00; Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program, 25Jul00; Science and Technology Studies Program, (01Aug00); Societal Dimensions of Engineering, Science and Technology: Ethics and Values Studies Research on Science and Technology, (01Aug00); Instrumentation Grants for Research in Computer and Information Science and Engineering, 02Aug00; NSF Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarships (CSEMS), 03Aug00; Enhancing Infrastructure for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 04Aug00; Science and Technology Centers (STC): Integrative Partnerships preproposals, 11Aug00; Decision, Risk, and Management Science, (15Aug00); Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics, (15Aug00); Design Automation, 21Sep00; Theory of Computing, 21Sep00; Numeric, Symbolic, and Geometric Computation, 21Sep00; Software Engineering and Languages, 21Sep00. . See also for International Program deadlines. [NSF E-Bulletin, 01Jun00.]

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