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The MegaJobs search engine from lists over 2M jobs, culled from other jobs websites. (A recent US District Court ruling against Bidder's Edge in favor of eBay may make it illegal in the US for Web spiders to gather data from other sites' databases in this way. Deep links into the content of other sites may also be prohibited, if compiled automatically via online spiders or agents. [SJM, 25May00. NewsScan.]) offers services and forums for dot-com job seekers and recruiters, with a special section on the SF Bay Area. [BASES, 29May00.] (WetFeet itself is also hiring operations staff.)

Jobnob is a new company that helps match people with opportunities, both for job hunting and for building hot new startups. Jobnob is part of the Springboard Angels effort, helping early stage companies grow. . [BASES, 29May00.]

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