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ADV-HTML is a open discussion of the latest and most complex Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags. This list is designed for experienced Webmasters, SysOps, Internet Trainers, and advanced Web page authors. (Beginners should instead start with the "Beginner's Guide to HTML" at .) Send a "subscribe adv-html your name" message to . [Patrick Douglas Crispen , NEW-LIST, 10/28/95.]

Ed Tobin notes that Scheme could be a good web development language, but its developers can't keep up with the perl/python/tcl community. Tools from the latter include, libwww-perl-5 (a near complete libwww toolkit), for image manipulation, and Grail (for applets in Python). The hottest Scheme possibility might be Tom Lord's work on latte, a Java-bytecode compiler. For Tobin's postcard rack in scsh -- the scheme shell spin-off of scheme48 -- see . [, comp.lang.scheme, 10/19/95.]

There is a form page that lets you type Scheme code to be evaluated at the page server. Try , a subpage of the Scheme Language home page at MIT. See also for the Scheme Underground WWW HTTP server written in Scheme. [Michael R. Blair , comp.lang.scheme, 10/19/95.]