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Rockefeller U. (NY): scientists/SEs in pattern recognition, NN.

UArizona: profs. in DBs and graphics.

New Mexico State U. (Las Cruces): profs. in AI and NLP.

Nets Inc. (Cambridge, MA): researchers in agents, knowledge discovery, NLP.

Katrix Inc. (Princeton, NJ): developers in NN, KBS, intelligent control, robotics.

Indianapolis (IN): BS/MS SE in adaptive learning for Asian NLP.

Gensym Corp. (Cambridge, MA): jr./sr. Lisp SEs for the G2 real-time environment.

ISX (Westlake Village, CA): SEs in AI, intelligent integration of information.

Associative Computing, Inc. (San Jose): MS/PhD SEs in AI, MR, NLP, knowledge sharing.

Cambridge U. (UK): researchers in large-vocabulary speech recognition.

ULondon/QMW: PhD/AI to implement real-time telecom scheduling agents.

URostock (Germany): GRA in genetic algorithms for VHDL.

Zentrum fuer Grafische Datenverarbeitung (ZGDv; Munich): BS/MS SE in VR for the construction industry.

UCyprus (Republic of Cyprus): profs. in AI, DB systems, SE, etc.

ITI (Singapore): PhD manager of HCI group.

Academia Sinica (Taiwan): PhD fellows in intelligent systems, algorithms, computation theory, CogSci, etc.