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The AI Planning Domain Repository is a website of links to research results in various planning domains. Although planning software may be available for downloading, this site is more for people who wish to compare automated planners. . [Jim Hendler , 04Dec96. David Joslin.]

The City University Constraints Archive has moved and split. The constraints FAQ and descriptive information are now at , maintained by David Joslin . A constraints bibliography, list of people, and an FTP archive of 300 postscript papers are at , maintained by Peggy Eaton . [Michael Jampel , 27Sep96.]

UKoblenz' AI Research Group has a new website about logic programming systems, esp. extensions of Prolog to handle non-monotonic negations and disjunctions. See their Library of Logic Programming Systems and Test Cases at . [Dorothea Schaefer , dbworld, 14Jan97.]

AARIA is a Rock Island Army Arsenal project to demonstrate a pro-active distributed multiagent heterarchy (Cybele) for factory scheduling and simulation (agent-based ERP/MES). Cybele has also been used for battle management, circuit testing, and logistics. AARIA is supported by DARPA and overseen by the US Air Force Manufacturing Technology Directorate. . [Albert D. Baker , DAI-List, 13Sep96.] (Note the new verb: "We agent machines, parts, operators, tools, fixtures, and material handling.")