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Msen's Online Career Center may be a non-profit employer association, but it has to pay costs just like any other service. The employer membership fee of $3,900 plus $60/year starting the second year covers several support services. Msen posts job ads to and to Prodigy, CompuServe, America Online, EXEC-PC, National Videotex, BIX, Portal, GEnie, DIALOG, etc. Contact, (317) 293-6499. Msen also maintains a database of company profiles. Users can tap in via gopher or WWW/Mosaic to or telnet to [Bill Park, 11/5/93.]

Japan America Networks (JNS), a non-profit society for students and professionals, distributes job announcements, company information, resumes, and a quarterly newsletter. Campus lectures are also arranged. Contact, (801) 342-4026, (801) 374-1357 Fax. [, JAPAN, 11/11/93.]

A database of 600 Silicon Valley company addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and contact names is available for $20. Also listed are contract agencies, employment agencies, job hotlines, and job bulletin boards. Monthly updates, $10. Tom Martin (, Silicon Valley Job Jump-Start, 6008 Susan Court, San Jose, CA 95123-4545. [ba.j.o, 11/27/93.]

Career Connections operates a job listing that you can search by company, job category, or location. Telnet to or call (415) 917-2125 (8-N-1, 14.4Kbps) or (415) 917-2129 (2400bps). (415) 941-6101 for questions. [Dave Sandhya (, ba.j.o, 11/30/93.]

New Professionals Network is a BBS from recruiters Allen Davis & Associates (Amherst, MA). Free career guides and newsletters, plus nearly 1000 job ads. Call (413) 549-8136 (8-N-1), or contact, (413) 549-7440, (413) 549-7542 Fax. [m.j.o, 11/26/93.]

ACM's SIGMOD WWW Information Server is a hypertext system with jobs, news, publications, research funding tips, software, etc. Use your NCSA Mosaic client to link to File howToBrowseAndWhy.txt can get you started. Archives of the SIGMOD RECORD may also be FTP'd from /pub on [Marianne Winslett