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Two publishers of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) have been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury, presumably to learn if they have shipped cryptographic technology overseas. [NYT, 9/21/93. EDUPAGE.] (It was _written_ overseas, as I understand it.)

Oops! A programmer at a financial institution used a dummy customer record named "Rich Bastard" to test a database search for wealthy customers. A subsequent error caused 2,000 advertising letters to be sent out addressed to "Dear Rich Bastard." The programmer is no longer with that firm. [Computer Weekly. New Scientist, 8/28/93., r.h.f, 9/21/93.]

Another risk: A woman in Sweden has been found dead in her apartment after three years. Her computer had been paying her bills automatically. [9/18/93.] (She was a good tenant, though.)