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Computing Research Association (CRA) is soliciting nominations for its distinguished service award for leadership in professional society affairs, government organizations, managing the dissemination of research results, public affairs, and similar activities. Send nominations by 11/8/93 to John R. Rice (, (317) 496-1640. [Rick Weingarten (, forsythe, 9/23/93. Tim Finin.]

Keith Golden at UWashington has won a $15K research award from The UniForum Associates, in support of his work on Rodney -- an "intelligent assistant" that can transfer files, process email, schedule meetings, and perform other Unix tasks. Cheung-Hsien Lin of Purdue will get a similar award for work on adaptive acknowledgement to optimize communication protocols. [HPC Select, 8/20/93.]

VAMP, a Dutch nonprofit association for Macintosh developers, is organizing an After Dark programming contest. Source code must be submitted by 12/31/93, and judging will be more on programming skills and hack value than graphic quality. $500 grand prize, plus a Symantec development environment, plus a chance at $500 for publication by Berkeley Systems. or -entry, PO Box 11029, 2301 EA Leiden, The Netherlands; (+31) 71-891188 Fax. [Stefan Arentz (,, 9/21/93. Bill Park.]

The 3rd annual Loebner "single-topic Turing Test" will be held in San Diego on 12/8/93. You can participate by modem. Programs by Joseph Weintraub won the 1991 and 1992 competitions, for a $2000 award last year. (Dr. Hugh G. Loebner's $100,000 prize is reserved for an unrestricted Turing test.) Apply by 11/1/93 to (617) 491-9020, (617) 491-1072 Fax, or contact Dr. Robert Epstein ( Any previous applications were lost in a fire this past July. [, NL-KR, 9/18/93.]

This year's Ig Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony will be held in MIT's Kresge Auditorium on October 7 at 7:00 PM. The ceremony honors individuals whose achievements cannot or should not be reproduced. This year's ceremony will include Heisenberg Certainty Lectures -- limited to 30 seconds or less -- by Sheldon Glashow (Nobel Laureate in Physics), Russell Johnson (Professor Emeritus, Gilligan's Island), and others. Wearing of lab coats or other ceremonial garb is encouraged, and delegations may join the ceremonial entrance parade. Tickets are $1 from, (617) 253-8329. Sponsored by the J. of Irreproducible Results and the MIT Museum. [,, 9/25/93. Richard Shyduroff (, e-club. Bill Park.]

Stanford's HCI seminar series will meet on Fridays this year (10/1 to 12/10), 12:00-1:30 in Skilling Auditorium. Send an "info pcd-seminar" message to, or contact for info. Send an "info lists" message for information about related announcement lists. [Terry Winograd (,, 9/28/93. Bill Park.]

PBS has shown "Memory and Imagination," a one-hour documentary about the Library of Congress. It makes one want to be a librarian, except for the part about 31K new documents arriving each day. Look for the repeats, or order the $19.95 tape from (800) 358-3000. [9/22/93.] (Not everyone loves books. I read recently that the Library of Alexandria was burned because "Either the scrolls contradict the [sacred text] and are pernicious, or they support it and are redundant." Sheesh.)