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The Academic Position Network (APN) is expanding its job listings to include fellowships and assistantships. Announcements may be posted free through 10/31 if you mention EDUPAGE. Write to for details. [EDUPAGE, 9/28/93.]

A non-profit association of forty US corporations offers a free job/resume database on Internet. Over 8,000 jobs are currently listed, along with other career resources. Gopher to, or call (800) 486-2220 for info. Msen, Inc. (Ann Arbor) runs the Online Career Center, with employers paying a one-time fee. [William O. Warren (, (317) 293-6499. Ed Vielmetti (, net-hap, 9/22/93.]

UMichigan has faculty openings in CSE, including networking, multimedia, distributed systems, programming languages, OS, CV, robotics, and intelligent manufacturing. Apply to Toby J. Teorey, EECS/CSE, 1301 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122. [forsythe, 9/23/93. Dan Corkill.]

UCalifornia plans to award 20 President's Postdoctoral Fellowships this summer to women and minorities, for work on any UC campus or at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Lawrence Livermore, or Los Alamos. $26K/year plus $4K research and travel. US residents may apply by 12/14/93 to (510) 987-9500. [Ken Miller (, connectionists, 9/27/93.]

Prediction Company (Santa Fe) needs two US or Canadian C/C++ software engineers for OOP, RDB/OODB, GUI, NN, GA, and mathematical or scientific programming for financial trading. Laura Barela (, (505) 983-0571 Fax. [Jim Nusbaum (, m.j.o, 9/22/93.]

CMU's Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center needs a scientific database specialist to make large scientific datasets available on the Internet. PhD desired. Frank Wimberly ( [m.j.o, 9/23/93.]

SUNY Buffalo has faculty openings in parallel computing or other areas (AI, CV, pattern recognition, etc.). Anthony Ralston (, (716) 645-3464 Fax. [William J. Rapaport (,, 9/23/93. Tim Finin.]

Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan) needs a Mandarin-fluent research assistant for stochastic simulation and vector/parallel scientific computation. Unix/C/Fortran/F90. Hsin-Yen Chen ( or, 886-2-7836444 Fax. [m.j.o, 9/24/93.]

Rockwell International Corp., Space Div. (Downey, CA), needs a US PhD in optics and machine vision for its robotics development group. Margaret Clarke, (310) 922-0785. [Ken Goldberg (, comp.robotics, 9/21/93.]

TRW's System Integration Group needs a BS developer for internal planning and scheduling projects. Unix/C/C++; Lisp helpful; US citizenship required. No relocation. Recent AI graduates will be considered., R2/2062, One Space Park Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. [m.j.o, 9/27/93.]

Sun Microsystems Labs needs a PhD NLP researcher to integrate large-vocabulary, speaker-independent, continuous-speech recognizers into NL applications. [, ai-resgrp, 9/23/93. Tim Finin.]

UWest of England, Bristol Transputer Centre, needs two 3-year PhD research fellows in evolutionary computing, cooperating KBSs, distributed systems, and machine learning. Apply by 10/12 to Roger Miles, (0272) 656261 x3180. [Terry Fogarty (, Neuron Digest, 9/24/93.]

Lincoln University (NZ), Centre for Computing and Biometrics, seeks to fill its foundation Chair in Applied Computing. Up to 5 years initially, NZ$80K-$100K. Contact, (64)(03)325-3870 Fax. A senior lecturer in communication is also needed; contact [, m.j.o, 9/23/93.]

Royal Holloway College, ULondon, needs a 3-year postdoc to study evolution-based neural algorithms for signal processing problems. 15K-17K pounds. Apply by 10/15/93 to Dr. Stuart Flockton (, 0784 472794 Fax. [connectionists, 9/27/93.]

UQueensland is offering 2-year postdoctoral research fellowships starting 1/95. Rob Neal ( notes that his biomechanics lab could host a postdoc. A$32K-$38K. Apply by 2/28/94 to Prof. Bruce Abernethy, Head, Dept. of Human Movement Studies, UQueensland, Queensland 4072, Australia. [RESEARCH, 9/28/93.]