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Gender issues in computer networking; The Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture. Abstracts due 12/1/93; manuscripts 4/1/94. FTP from /pub/ejvc on, or contact Leslie Regan Shade ( Send a "sub ejvc-l your name" message to to subscribe. [COMMUNET, 9/26/93. net-hap.]

Computer-mediated communication to support learning; Instructional Science -- An International Journal of Learning and Cognition. Possible double issue. Contact David Barry ( or Paul Barber (071 531 6270 Fax) immediately, with an abstract by 12/3/93. [Simon Rae (, CMC, 9/27/93. net-hap.]

Cultural and linguistic aspects of computer-mediated communication; Pragmatics and Beyond (book series). Contact Susan Herring (, (817) 273-2731 Fax, by 11/1/93. [LINGUIST, 9/27/93.]