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The AI_ATTIC is an archive of obsolete or public-domain AI software for teachers and students. FTP files from /pub/AI_ATTIC on ( B.V. Koen ( [,, 12/8/93. David Joslin.] One of the files is the classic ADVENTURE game in FORTRAN. [Chuck Morefield.]

Rudy Rucker's ARTIFICIAL LIFE LAB is a book with Windows 3.1 BOPPERS software. (You'll need 4MB RAM.) Boppers are colored lines moving in a space of colored pixels. They can be programmed as flocking "boids," as Turing-machine "turmites," or a variety of cellular automata. Event-triggered sounds and actions can be modified by user-directed genetic evolution. $34.95 + $5 from Waite Group Press (Corte Madera, CA), (800) 368-9369. [, comp.theory.cell-automata, 1/3/94. Anandeep Pannu.]

Genetic-algorithm software may be FTP'd from SAFIER, the Santa Fe Instutute's Evolutionary Computation Repository. Look in /pub/EC on Another GA/GP archive, from Jim McCoy (, is in /pub/genetic-programming on You can find Lisp code from Koza's "Genetic Programming," plus C/C++ implementations such as "SGPC: Simple GENETIC PROGRAMMING in C" by Walter Alden Tackett and Aviram Carmi ( A survey paper on GA programming environments may be FTP'd as in /papagena/game/docs on, to appear in IEEE Computer (2/94). The authors are J.R. Filho, C. Alippi, and P. Treleaven. [Chuck Morefield (, 1/2/94.]