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Cesar Ramos-Cedeno is compiling a guide to genetic-algorithm resources on the Internet. Discussion lists include evolutionary-,, and GA- (Use the -request suffix to sign up.) Also GA-Digest (via GA-List) and LibGA 1.00 and a GA Software Guide can be FTP'd from /pub/galist/src/ga on [, CYBSYS-L, 8/16/93.]

A new Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides has been formed by UMichigan's library. Examples are W. Drew's "Not Just Cows" (for agriculture) and Michael Strangelove's "The Electric Mystic's Guide to the Internet" (for religious studies). The guides have been WAIS-indexed. FTP them from /inetdirs on or access them via the UMichigan gopher. [Lou Rosenfeld (, PACS-L, 9/3/93.]

John December has updated his extensive list of Internet services related to computer-mediated communications. FTP file internet-cmc.readme from pub/communications on [, net-hap, 8/18/93.]

A guide to finding interesting discussion lists -- via lists of lists -- has been compiled by Send a "get new-list wouters f=mail" message to (or ndsuvm1.bitnet). [Peter M. Weiss (pmw1@psuvm.bitnet), net-hap, 8/24/93.]

If you need to send email to foreign colleagues, you may want the revised 3rd edition (9/2/93) of "!%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing & Networks" by Donnalyn Frey and Rick Adams. Gateway formats are given for over 180 networks. FTP internetwork-mail-guide from /pub on [net-hap, 9/2/93.]

To find network-accessible BBSs, send an empty subject/message to You will receive "Not Another List?!?!?!?!!!"; also Yanoff's list of special Internet services, and the somewhat-dated "Zamfield's Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete BBS List." Topical BBSs are listed in the Broadcasting/Journalism BBS List, retrieved with a "get media bbslist f=mail" command to listserv@ulkyvm.bitnet. One of the better BBSs is from UOklahoma: telnet ( or dial (405) 325-6128. (You can also FTP files from [Dana Noonan (noonan@msus1.bitnet),, 6/23/93. net-hap.] (Good dial-up BBS lists may be found in Boardwatch magazine.)

"The GUIDE" provides K-12 educators and students with a user-friendly graphic interface to the Internet. It includes email, NetNews, Gopher, Telnet, FTP, WAIS, and other protocols, optimized for dial-up SLIP connections. Windows/Mac; $40/year plus $5 tax. The server runs on Unix platforms. Keith D. Vogt (, California Technology Project (Seal Beach , CA), (310) 985-9631. [net-hap, 6/18/93.]

EARN has a Bitnet-oriented "Guide to Network Resource Tools," including Gopher, VERONICA, World-Wide Web, WAIS, ASTRA, ARCHIE, WHOIS, NETSERV, TRICKLE, BITFTP, NETNEWS, and LISTSERV. 600KB in PostScript form. Send a "get nettools ps" command (or "get nettools memo" for ASCII) to listserv@earncc.bitnet. [Prescott Smith (, net-hap, 6/17/93.]

The NetPower Resource Guide is now shipping, sponsored by the not-for-profit National Education and Technology Alliance (NETA). The guide describes hundreds of services on the Internet, Prodigy, Compuserve, America Online, Dialog, Datastar, AT&T, The WorldClassroom, NewsNet, GTE, Learning Link, BBSs, etc. Also included are starter kits or discounts for AOL, Delphi, The Well, Portal, and The World. "NetPower," an 800 page book by Eric Perrson, can be purchased for $39.95 from Fox Chapel Publishing (Lancaster, PA),, (800) 457-9112. Coming in December: the monthly NetPower Digest. [net-hap, 8/29/93.]

Jonathan Kochmer's "The Internet Passport: NorthWestNet's Guide to Our World Online" is an expanded version of NorthWestNet's User Services Internet Resource Guide ( Passport, at 500 pages, is even broader and deeper than Krol's "The Whole Internet." Two special topics are supercomputing and K-12 education. Four stars (essential reading). Conversational and easy to read, but the volume of information may intimidate to new users. $39.95 retail; $19.95 educational or nonprofit. NorthWestNet (15400 SE 30th Place, Suite 202, Bellevue, WA 98007), (206) 562- 3000, (206) 562-4822 Fax. [Jim Milles (, NETTRAIN, 6/22/93. net-hap.]