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SPSS 6.1 from SPSS Inc. (Chicago) will bring full mainframe statistical functionality to the Macintosh. The release has been re-engineered to have a Mac-style interface. The base module will sell for $395 through 11/23/94 and $495 through 12/31/94, then $695. Four specialty modules -- advanced statistics, tables, trends, and categories -- are pre-selling at $295 and up ($100 off). Upgrade discounts are also available. 800/457-0161. (A Windows version brought in almost $30M last year. The $250M statistical analysis market is part of a $5B data analysis market.) [Business Wire, 10/17/94.]

Spyglass is offering analytic/graphic add-ons for Maple, Mathcad, Mathematica, Matlab, Statview, Systat, and spreadsheets for Windows, Mac, and Unix. Through 12/31/94 you can get Spyglass Plot for vectors and time series for $199 (list $295), Plot and Transform for matrix and image data for $399 ($890), or Plot/Transform/Slicer for volumetric data for $499 ($1585). Plus a free copy of "The MOSAIC Handbook" for your platform. 1-800-647-2201. [Catalog, 10/24/94.]

Portfolio managers at Prudential Insurance are using IMSL C Productivity Tools from Visual Numerics Inc. (Houston). C gives them efficient number crunching; the tool modules for Motif/X give them hundreds of mathematical, statistical, and graphical functions. "All it takes is a one-line function call" -- versus up to five calls for IBM's Optimization Subroutine Library -- and the shared code links quickly into small executables. Graphic routines can modify 300 plot attributes without recompilation. [David Baum, InfoWorld, 10/23/94.] (Academic programmers never consider cost-effective solutions; only free ones. It seems to be a side-effect of the grant system.)

Tsunami Plus is a $499 library of C source code for wavelet transformations and analysis, including graphic display. Mac A. Cody Associates (Richardson, TX). [Emily T. Smith, BW, 10/7/94.]