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PC sales in Europe are up 24% over last year (4Qtr), a certified boom. "European companies are starting to realize they need technology to compete globally." [WSJ, 04Feb98. EduP.]

Modems that meet the new V.90 56Kbps standard may be available this week, although it could take six months for ISPs to implement V.90 services. Watch for upgrade deals on previous models. [Computer Reseller News, 25Feb98. EduP.] (Bill Park tells me that 3Com is offering a $30 rebate on selected models purchased 18Jan-28Feb98, at .)

IBM is distributing $1.3B in bonuses to most of its 270K employees, as 4.5% to 25% of last year's salary. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 19Feb98. EduP.]