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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has released a draft HTML 4.0 standard, and . The standard includes smart forms with scripts -- server-side and client-side -- and with buttons that are disabled until interactive preconditions are satisfied. Forms can also prompt for a file name, with the file then uploaded. The ISO-10646 (or Unicode 2.0) character set is supported, including 38,885 characters from Roman, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Katakana, Thai, Tibetan, and 18 other scripts. [Tonya Engst , TidBITS, 14Jul97.]

HTML-GROUP is a discussion group for beginning HTML coders and web authors. A voluntary $6 membership fee is requested. Send a "sub html-group your@address" to . [Jim Henry , NEW-LIST, 25Jan97.]

"Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide" is a new 155-page report by User Interface Engineering (North Andover, MA). Founder Jared Spool says that "white space" used to enhance layout actually makes it more difficult for users to scan pages and find information. Color is also not useful, except to show links that have already been followed. Not surprisingly, users hunting for specific information were irritated by animations and by poorly designed frames. (Well-designed frames can be helpful.) However, it's not necessarily true that users liked best those sites that they could use best -- a correlation that usually works for software applications. One other surprise was that it's easier to find information in "difficult" text -- by standard reading measures -- than in less-dense text appropriate for printed documents. [WEBster, 08Jul97.] (Perhaps jargon words or long words stand out. Comprehension is an entirely different matter.)

Philip Greenspun offers tips on website development, from his new book. See . [, 08Jun97.]

NETSCAPEWEBMASTER is a discussion list for Netscape webmasters. Send a "subscribe netscapewebmaster" message to , or sign up at . [. Bob Allman , NEW-LIST, 30Apr97.]

Web Pointer offers VRML and ActiveX info for Web developers and managers. . [19Nov96.]

openweb-l is a discussion list supporting forums for discussion and implementation of open Web standards. Send a "subscribe openweb-l your@email.address (your name)" message to . [. David Nice , NEW-LIST, 27Apr97.]

The LinkScan site has dozens of links for Webmasters, including connections to ad brokers and translation/localization services. The site also sells a link checker and site mapper. . [Netsurfer's Digest. Network News, 07Jul97.]

The Institute of Professional Webmasters (IPW; Toronto) is a new international standards/certification and educational association. Charter members include Microsoft Canada, Apple Canada, Oracle, Bank of Montreal's Mbanx, Hewlett-Packard, and Novell Canada. $55/year for individuals. . [WEBster, 13May97.]

-- Ken