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Gleason Sackman's Net-Happenings archive can be browsed at 7000. [Scout Report, 1/20/95.]

A list of popular native OS/2 applications has been compiled by Stacy Behrens . It includes 110 commercial and shareware programs in 24 categories. Many of these can be retrieved by FTP or WWW from,,, or [comp.os.os2.apps, 1/25/95.] (OS/2 also runs DOS and Windows programs, of course.)

If you'd like Winnie-the-Pooh color GIFs for your computer screen, see . [Peter Ludemann , 3/5/95.] (Copyright status unknown.)

A Webster's Dictionary with hotlinked definitions is online at . [J. Michael Roach , cyberstew-l, 2/14/95. CARR-L. net-hap.]

Need a custom T-shirt? Try ColorTech at . [,, 3/14/95.]

Or perhaps you need fortune cookies containing your message! Each cookie individually wrapped. One direct-mail campaign reported a 31% response rate. Armchair Marketing , 1-800-337-1889. . [misc.entrepreneurs, 4/2/95.]