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Kurzweil Applied Intelligence has a jobs listing on , and often advertises for computational linguists. If you don't have web access, write to . [Jeff Adams , LN, 11/6/95. Joe Raben.]

Three particularly good jobs sites are Margaret Riley's "Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet," ; The Online Career Center, ; and CareerPath, , for help-wanted classifieds from six major newspapers. [Internet TourBus, SEML, 11/19/95.]

Help-wanted ads and other classifieds from the Boston Globe can be found on . [Newsweek, 11/20/95, p. 16.] (Or visit CareerPath.)

Microsoft says its "solution provider" companies have 35K positions open for professionals certified to install, service, and support MS-based information systems. For training, call 1-800-688-0496. [Educom Update, 11/20/95.]