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EPA's National Medical Technology Testbed (NMTB), in cooperation with the US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, is soliciting proposals for near-term commercializable technology to improve military and civilian healthcare. 10Mar00; SOL NMTB 2000-1; Lydia Pearson . . [ScienceWise Alert, 12Feb00.] (This might include some CS opportunities.)

The Business and Professional Women's Foundation offers awards to US female students 25 and over with critical financial need who are seeking education for entry or re-entry into, or advancement within, the work force. 200 grants will be given in various scholarship programs (averaging about $650 each for 7K awards since 1970). Request an application by 01Apr00. . [ScienceWise Alert, 10Feb00.]

Chalmers U. of Technology (Gvteborg, Sweden) is introducing a new international Master's program in complex adaptive systems, including alife, genetic algorithms, computational biology, autonomous robots, dynamical systems, and simulations. No tuition charge, and a few scholarships are available. Apply by 15Mar00 for Sep00. or . [Mats Nordahl ,, 12Feb00.]

Generation5's article-and-code competition this month is on "Real-World Applications of Genetic Algorithms." Write a small article to win a copy of NeuroDimension's $495 Genetic Server. . [James Matthews , 09Feb00.]

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