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Marcus Zillman sent me a copy of his bi-weekly BotSpot Report, from Team BotSpot. It's an extensive news listing for agent-related projects and resources, plus browser productivity tools, search engines, and genetic programming archives. Items include: the KIF-format graphical Java Ontology Editor (JOE), ; Darwin, an intelligent data mining application, ; BusinessBots for automated negotiations and object-oriented electronic commerce, ; the Agent-Based Digital Library Infrastructure Project, ; a metasite on mobile agents, ; the Jam! Agents architecture and reasoning system, ; UMichigan's implementation of the Procedural Reasoning System, ; and much, much more. See . [, 01Jun98.]

The Planning and Scheduling Mailing List is devoted to the issues of AI planning and scheduling -- pure, applied, academic, and industrial. Details are at . To join, send a "subscribe p-and-s" message to . [Daniel Ballin , csp, 27Apr98.]

EMO is the Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization List, for evolutionary algorithms practitioners. Send a "subscribe emo-list" message to . Archives and other links are at . [Jane Shaw , GA-List, 29Apr98. Bill Park.]

You can tap into Web-based tutorials on fuzzy control, evolutionary computation, and Branko Soucek's distributed "quantum mind" networks for business, courtesy of the 3rd World Conference on Soft Computing. , , , and other mirrors. [Wallace Kelly ,, 02Jun98.]

Abstracts from the Artificial Intelligence Journal issue on "Relevance" are now available at . [Russ Greiner , IRList, 03May98.]

Gensym Corp.'s new G2 ActiveXLink provides links between 2 real-time expert systems and Microsoft Windows applications such as Word, Excel, Visual Basic clients, and Explorer Web browsers. [IDSS, 04Jun98. Bill Park.]

The Robot Wars Forum is the official meeting place for Robot Wars contestants and fans, with as many as 300 messages per week. Find out where to get small motors that draw 400 amps, how to get 1,800 amps from an 82-gram battery, and Do's and Dont's of mounting a chainsaw on your robot. . [, comp.robotics.research, 14May98.]