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MITRE (VA, MA, NJ): US BS/MS/PhD developers for DB, IR, NLP, digital libraries, AI, intelligent agents, uncertainty reasoning, planning, OR, image analysis, visualization, GIS, information fusion, HCI, cognitive modeling, CAI, economic analyses, etc. (3 ads.)

Unisys (Blue Bell, PA): spoken language/dialog AI developers.

CMU Intelligent Coordination & Logistics Laboratory (ICLL): MS CLOS research programmers for mixed-initiative planning/scheduling.

Boston-area R&D firm: US MS/PhD scientist in IR/EO sensor modeling, signal processing, and pattern recognition for target recognition.

IBM T.J. Watson (Yorktown Heights, NY): MS researcher and BS+ analyst for data abstraction and data mining research.

Educational Testing Service (Princeton, NJ): PhD computational linguists for NLP in testing applications.

Natural language group [Microsoft?]: manager.

Rockwell Science Center (Thousand Oaks, CA): MS/PhD R&D engineers for HCI, VR, computer vision, speech recognition, voice synthesis, information agents, etc.

Washington U. Inst. for Biomedical Computing (St. Louis): two assistant professors in novel biomolecular computing applications.

Philadelphia VA Medical Center: postdoc in medical informatics (NLP, HCI, modeling, simulation, 3D visualization, etc.).

Loughborough U. of Technology (UK), Lutchi Research Centre: researcher for KBS/logic programming in CAD.

Sharp Laboratories of Europe (Oxford): PhD researcher in intelligent agents for multimedia information systems.

Siemens Nixdorf Advanced Technologies GmbH (Dresden, Germany): theoretical physicist or mathematician for applications in face and object recognition.

Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB): MS programmer to develop WWW-based scientific visualization.

Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI; Amsterdam): postdocs and sr. research visitors in multimedia databases, digital libraries, data mining, etc.