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PRODIGY 4.0: AI planning and learning system with GUI 2.0.

MPIL: multipass instance-based learning system (Win32 version).

fuzzyTECH: fuzzy logic development tools.

A-B Flex: fuzzy logic system.

techexplorer 2.0 Preview Release 1: mathematical and scientific hypermedia browser.

Textures: Interactive TeX for Macintosh, on CD ROM.

Memento: support for real-time, artifact-based collaboration.

OR-Objects 0.7: Java class library for operations research.

xesca: XWindow Extended Simulator of 2D Cellular Automata.

Evolvica: hypertext tutorial about evolutionary algorithms for Mathematica.

ThoughtTreasure 0.00020: English/French NLP parser/generator in C with 20K concepts and 50K words and phrases.

Natural Language Processing with ThoughtTreasure: book by Erik Mueller.

Networked Information Retrieval: SIGIR-97 workshop proceedings, online.

Neural Fuzzy Systems: free online textbook by Robert Fuller.

Tabu Search: book by Glover and Laguna.

Genetic Programming --- An Introduction: textbook by Banzhaf, Nordin, Keller, and Francone.

GA in computer-aided molecular design (CAMD) bibliography from David Clark.

OR-Notes: introductory operations research notes, via Web.

Comparison of Mathematica mathematical programs for data analysis: test report by Steinhaus.