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Web developers will find over 1,000 helpful links at The WWW Developer's Virtual Library, : jobs (and resumes), examples, tutorials, help desk, etc. [, www-announce, 5/25/95. net-hap.]

Sun held a contest for applet developers, and the best 17 animated or interactive web pages can be found on . You can find the latest HotJava browsers for Solaris, Windows NT, and Windows 95 under "Releases" on . Or get Netscape Navigator 2.0, which also supports Java, from . [SunWorld Online, 9/19/95. Bill Park.] (SunWorld Online will be publishing a monthly column of Java tips and code, in addition to frequent news articles "from an independent perspective." , or I think you can send a "subscribe sunworld" message to .)

"Didn't Woody Allen say 98% of success was just showing up? The world is having a party right now called the 'web' and Java is coming in the door. No matter how great Dylan is -- and it has always impressed me as a WONDERFUL design -- it doesn't appear to have been invited to the party. Interestingly, neither was C++, and although Microsoft is now arriving, they may discover that they aren't guests, they're just the caterers!" -- Glen C. Perkins , comp.lang.dylan, 9/23/95.

"Rather than threatening Dylan, I think Java just might help to spread the good news about dynamic languages, and eventually give people a good reason to take another look at Dylan." -- Patrick C. Beard , comp.lang.dylan, 9/22/95.