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MineSet is Silicon Graphics flagship product for data mining and visualization. See for details, or for a review from Data Management Strategies. MineSet is part of SGI's varsity program, which makes it available for universities via . MLC++, the algorithmic basis for MineSet, is free for research purposes, from . Send questions to . To subscribe to the MineSet announcement/discussion list, send a "subscribe mineset_list your@address" message to . [Ronny Kohavi , dbworld, 14Jan98.]

Fuzzy tools for data clustering analysis and data mining include Siemens SieFuzzy and SENN ; NASA's AutoClass, ; Management Intelligenter Technologien's DataEngine and WINROSA, or from Heike Mohmeyer ; and TransferTech's Cluster Analysis Manager (CAM) and Fuzzy Control Manager (FCM), . [Ljiljana Trajkovic et al.,, 17Nov97.]

The fuzzyTECH site at has notes on consumer products designed using neural-fuzzy techniques. There's also a downloadable fuzzyTECH Demo with a NeuroFuzzy add-on module to convert sample data into fuzzy logic rules. [Constantin von Altrock ,, 16Nov97.]