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UGroningen has a face-recognition home page at . [Rolf P. Wurtz ,, 10/31/95.] (If "huge tits" is one of the most popular web search phrases -- as Steven Zenith claims -- perhaps there's a market for something simpler than face recognition.)

A demo of ParaGraph's new $49.95 FreeStyle trainable handwriting recognizer for Newton is available at . [Ilya Poluektov , comp.sys.newton.misc. NewtNews, 3/26/96. Bill Park.]

NEURALITY is a neural-nets website from ICE srl (Milan). Demos and papers include fractals, pattern recognition, arch dams, and Tetris. or . [Alberto Fanelli ,, 12/22/95.]

Amara Graps offers an online wavelet tutorial at . One of the sections covers WSQ fingerprint image compression. Sample data can be found on Chris Brislawn's site, . [,, 10/20/95.]

The DOS/Unix Tsunami Plus wavelet software library is described on , including both technical articles and demo software. Papers can also be FTP'd from /pub/users/mcody on [Mac A. Cody , comp.dsp, 11/8/95.]

The Python SIG mailing list covers image handling and image processing in Python. The Python Imaging Library will be available, with interfaces to Khoros, ImgStar, XITE, and other image processing packages. Send a "subscribe" message to . [, comp.lang.python, 3/9/96.]

Benchmarking of neural-network systems is the subject of . This was formerly a NIPS*95 workshop page. [Lutz Prechelt , connectionists, 12/11/95.]

The world of commercial speech recognition is covered on . [Russ Wilcox , comp.speech, 10/16/95.]

Universal Problem Solvers, Inc. has a website for its pattern recognition applications and tools: . [,, 8/26/95.]

DRA's 18-member Pattern and Information Processing Group has a web page for its signal-analysis research papers. . [John V. Black , connectionists, 11/10/95.]

Rik Harris maintains a list of over 310 sites that distribute CS technical reports. , or via a WAIS server to cs-techreport- abstracts. . [, news.answers, 3/11/96.]