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Software Advertising Corp. (La Costa, CA) has been granted a patent on use of advertising symbols in software programs. (I don't know the exact wording.) They are reportedly asking 5%-10% royalties from the maker of an Energizer Bunny screensaver. The USPTO is being criticized for issuing such a broad patent. [NYT. SJM, 4/9/94.]

The USPTO commissioner has pledged to make "the software patent system workable -- so that it takes you to the bank and not the courthouse." Patent applications will be publicized, more data will be required in patent applications, 7 software specialists will be hired as examiners (up from 0 at present), and superficial review will be discouraged via the examiner bonus program. [WSJ, 4/11/94. EDUPAGE.] (Want to be an examiner? The pay is low, but it could be fun.)

Patent searches are available free from the Internet Multicasting Service. Check for them on Town Hall,, a great WWW site for SEC data, the Federal Reserve data, and even the Red Sage restaurant online. [Larry Hunter (, 4/7/94.]

Internet Town Hall is funded by NSF, the NYU School of Business, Sun Microsystems, and UUNET Technologies. Access on gopher:// is more limited than for WWW, but will soon provide gateways into the SEC and Patent archives. [, gopherjewels, 4/4/94. net-hap.]

US patents for 1994 are in a WAIS database on the UIdaho Gopher Server, (Databases/ New_WAIS databases/ Patent). [gopherjewels, 4/11/94. net-hap.]