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If you're thinking about getting a doctorate, send for Research Student and Supervisor: An Approach to Good Supervisory Practice, $2.50 (12 pp.), Council of Graduate Schools, One Dupont Circle, N.W., Suite 430, Washington, D.C. 20036-1173; (202) 223-3791. It should give you a better idea of how to interview an advisor or institution. Highly recommended. [Dwight Spencer (dwights,, 11/18.]

To reserve the new No-Nonsense Guide to Computing Careers, ACM members can send $16 ($12 student) to ACM Order Dept., P.O. Box 64145, Baltimore, MD 21264, by 12/31/91. (800) 342-6626 for credit-card orders. [ACMemberNet, 10/91.] (Buying by credit card gives U.S. purchasers additional recourse in case of fulfillment problems -- but never give your card number to an unknown person or business. In particular, email is not secure.)

If your library gets Computer Select, you can access more than 140 computer news and technical magazines, buyers' guides and newsletters. That's probably more than you want to read, but it's great for product descriptions and market studies. Each monthly disc contains 65,000 articles plus 70,000 product descriptions. One quick use is to see if anyone is using a product or company name you'd like to have. $995/year, Ziff-Davis Computer Library (New York, NY), (212) 503-4400. [Nick Anis, Computer Currents, 11/5.] The profiles and contact information for 1,200 companies could be useful for job hunters.

ACM is publishing a library of design-automation literature, including searchable full text of conference proceedings, transactions, and newsletters going back as far as 27 years. Seven of the eight CD ROMs are page images of the text. Contact Margaret Tuttle (magt@acmvm.bitnet). [ACMemberNet, 10/91.]

For a discussion of computer (and other) jargon, you might check out John Barry's Technobabble. For training in the jargon, The New Hacker's Dictionary by Eric Raymond will give you far more words -- about five times as many as in the original Hacker's Dictionary. Both are from MIT Press, (800) 356-0343. [L.R. Shannon, NYT. SJM, 10/13.]

There's a new book out on Music and Connectionism, edited by Peter M. Todd and D. Gareth Loy. (MIT Press, 280 pp.; $39.95, (800) 356-0343; probably $45 in stores.) Articles are from the Computer Music Journal, plus new articles by Kohonen, Mozer, Bharucha, and others. [Peter Todd (, connectionists, 10/25.]

Project Management Made Simple: A Guide to Successful Management of Computer Systems Projects (David King; Yourdon Press, $30) "boils down a huge amount of information" into 100 pages of charts and clearly written text. [Christopher Lindquist, Computerworld, 11/25.]

Microsoft Press (Redmond, WA) has published The Parent's Guide to Educational Software, by Drs. Marion Blank and Laura Berlin. Over 200 programs are evaluated. 400 pages, $14.95, (206) 882-8080. [Computer Currents, 11/5.] An appendix lists educational software producers, which might be a job-hunting resource.