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I've been looking for ways to advertise our website, , and came up with the following -- mostly from Gleason Sackman's Net-Happenings list for the past six months. (Site counts are therefore probably out of date.) The "Postmaster" service is generally considered best for commercial website announcements, but charges a hefty fee. Submit-It! is one of the first and best of the free announcement services, but only serves the major directory services and search engines.

101 A Internet Promotion Service . Submission to 50 directories.

1 2 3 RegisterMe! -- submission to 100 sites, updated every 6 months.

@Submit! -- free submission to over 30 search engines.

A1 Web Page Promotion Services -- searchable directory of 670 submission sites.

AAA Internet Search Engine & Directory Links -- hundreds of submission links.

Absolute Submission .

Advertising Secrets of Successful Businesses -- marketing tips and links.

AutoReg Auto Registration of Web Sites .

Chuck's Free for All Link Page Submit Form .

CNC Technology -- Asia Pacific directory and publicity tips.

Commercial Directory -- thousands of promotional links. (Customers only?)

comp.infosystems.www.announce -- Usenet newsgroup for site announcements.

Crafters Page -- promotional tips.

ENTITY Global Site Submission -- free submission to 125 sites.

FAQ: How to Announce your Web Site .

Free For All Links .

FreeLinks -- lists free announcement sites.

Free Pointers for Your Home Page .

Go Net-Wide -- links to hundreds of submission sites.

HOW THE WEB WAS WON: A Self-Starter's Guide to Setting Up A Web Site .

How to Create, Publish and Promote a Web Page -- step-by-step instructions.

How to Promote Your Web Site -- marketing tips.

How to Publicize a Web Site over the Internet .

Instant Web Page Promoter .

Internet Advertising and Promotion Resource Directory -- submission to over 200 advertising locations.

The Internet Confederacy -- submits to more than 27 search engines.

Internet Link Exchange -- thousands of places to list your website.

Internet Marketing Tips -- info and a submission form.

Internet Secretary -- submits to hundreds of search engines.

Launch-it! (From the America's Business Funding Directory page) -- submits to 210 sites.

Launch Pad! -- submission to up to 500 sites. (Fee-based.)

LINKER page -- web publicity tips, links, and email discussion list.

The Marketing Resource Center -- EXPOSE area has links to over 500 submission pages (directories and awards). Also web tools, tutorials, and business software.

Netpost -- tailored submissions, for a fee.

Plug! .

Pointers to Pointers -- pointers to announcement sites.

Postmaster -- submissions to 417 sites and 1337 editors of publications. A "deep submission" option will submit each of your subpages individually. (Only a few spiders will search your pages automatically, and they may take up to six months to get around to it.)

Promote Your Web Site -- announce at "over 10,000 locations."

Promoting Your Page -- self-promotion links and tips.

PROMOTE-IT -- submission to 70 directories.

Publicizing Your Site .

Response-Net -- free submission to over 200 directories.

Search Mania! -- easy submission to over 50 sites.

Selong Submit Links Page -- list of submission pages.

SHOTGUN! -- submits to 58 major directories.

Site Promoter -- advertising tips.

SubmitAll -- more comprehensive than Submit-It.

Submit It! -- submits to Yahoo, Starting Point, WebCrawler, EINet Galaxy, Lycos, Harvest Broker, What's New Too! Infoseek, Whole Internet Catalog, Open Text Web Index, World Wide Web Worm, Apollo, Jump Station, New Rider's WWW Yellow Pages, The, Netcenter, NIKOS, Pronet, Project DA-CLOD, etc. 2-4 week delay.

Submit It! Web Promotion Tips .

Submit URL -- promotional resources.

Super Mega Link -- free submission, search engines, etc.

SWWWAP! -- target free ads by site category, region, and time of day.


WebMax -- free submissions to over 107 sites.

Web Point .

Web Promotion -- submission site.

WEB SITE PROMOTION NEWSLETTER -- tips plus links to free submission sites.

WebStep TOP 100 -- list of 100 best submission sites.

Weekly Web Internet Services -- promotional resources and URL submittal form.

WordOut -- submission site.

wURLd Presence -- another free registration service.

-- over 1000 places to submit your web pages.

-- Ken