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DARPA/ITO has issued BAA-98-12 soliciting proposals for self-adaptive software that can evaluate and can modify its own behavior. DARPA is looking for mission-based reasoning techniques rather than neural networks or genetic algorithms. Applications include automatic target recognition, signal processing, planning/scheduling, and robotics. Runtime generation of component interface code from specifications would be good. 27Jan98; Robert Laddaga , (703) 522-7161 Fax. . [CBD, 16Dec97., 13Dec97.]

NIST and the National Research Council (NRC) jointly offer awards for postdoctoral research associateships by US citizens. $45,500/year plus relocation, benefits, and $5,500 in travel or research expenses. NIST divisions that support these associateships are interested in AI for design and manufacture, system interfaces, computational metrology, collaborative design, etc. See and . Inquiries about engineering design-related research can be directed to Ram D. Sriram , (301) 975-3507. Apply by 15Jan97, as directed on . [Mark Schwabacher ,, 05Dec97. David Joslin.]