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UPittsburgh: asst. prof in intelligent multimedia systems.

Brown U. (Providence, RI): asst. profs in experimental CS.

Argonne National Lab (IL): postdoc in distributed supercomputing, telepresence.

Washington U. (St. Louis): GRA in multiagent systems, game theory. (*)

UOklahoma (Norman): director of CS dept.

SMU (Dallas): CSE prof and department chairman.

Denver: AI scientist for agents, KBS, educational software.

PostLinear Entertainment (San Francisco): SEs in games AI, network graphics. (*)

Morrison & Foerster (San Francisco): patent analyst.

SRI (Menlo Park, CA): BS/MS programmer in speech recognition, NL understanding.

Center for Software Development (San Jose): technical director.

Sony Research Lab (San Jose): BS/MS computational linguist and programmer for spoken English-Japanese translation.

USC/ISI (Marina del Rey, CA): programmers for Java-based agents in educational software.

UHagen (Germany): postdoc and PhD student in spatio-temporal DB systems.

UHamburg (Germany): BS research scientist in speech recognition.

UBonn (Germany): RA in German/English speech synthesis, prosody.

Central European U. (Budapest): researchers and faculty in agent-based social simulations.

Ben-Gurion U. (Israel): CS profs.

* captain's cool jobs of the week. (Selected by Brian "captain" Murfin.)