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I owe HotMail an apology. My daughter says it was NetAddress that randomly deleted her mail; she hasn't used HotMail. Anyway, Brad Miller has pointed out to me that these free email services are frequently used by spammers, and hence have been added to many people's kill files. Your mail to such people will go into the bit bucket.

The 22nd Annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest begins this month at Rice University. . [Educom Update, 15Oct97.]

The 12th Annual RI/SME Student Robotics Automation Contest will be 01-02May98 at Saginaw Valley State University (MI). Sandy Stroka, 313-271-1500 x585 [Educom Update, 15Oct97.]

The FIRA-WAC Robot Soccer American Cup 1998 competition will be held in Anchorage in May98. Register by 01Nov97. , , +1-505-277-4681 Fax. [Marco A.A. de Oliveira , comp.robotics.misc, 15Oct97.]

Red Herring is sponsoring a 3rd annual Venture Market East in Cambridge, MA, on 10-11Nov97. $965 through 31Oct97. or , (415) 659-2871. [Tom Geck , 17Oct97.]

UCLA is hosting a workshop on "FUNDRAISING 2000 AD: Prospect Research and the New Information Technologies," on 01Nov97. , (310) 825-9971. [Nancy Ellis Taylor , HEPROC, 17Oct97.]