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The US Air Force is separating information warfare (IW) from command and control warfare (C2W), according to Lt. Gen. Joseph Ralston, the AF deputy chief of staff for plans and operations. "Technologies have created a 'virtual battle space' made up of computers, networks, and sensors." IW includes counterinformation, C2 attack, and general information operations, in cooperation with other military services. "I can't have one service out destroying an information center while another service is trying to exploit it." [Aerospace Daily, 1/19/95. Al Underbrink .]

ARPA has issued a broad agency announcement (BAA) for research proposals on computer and network security against information warfare. No RFP will be issued, but proposals are due 4/17/95. [CBD, 1/19/95. Aerospace Daily, 1/20/95. Al Underbrink.] (This hasn't shown up yet in ARPA's BAA server.]

"Federal Laboratories for Partnerships In Technology Transfer Reinvestment" is a free directory from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC). It lists programs and contacts in each of the 12 TRP focus areas. Order from , FLC Locator, P.O. Box 545, Sequim, WA 98382; 360-683-1005. Also check out the FLC home page at . [Rick Shindell , dual-use, 1/19/95.]

NSF/ENG Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) proposals are due 3/13/95; (703) 306-1391. Academic Research Infrastructure Program (Instrumentation), from the Office of Science and Technology Infrastructure, has a 3/1/95 deadline; . A companion Facilities program will be announced later. Proposals for International Dissertation Enhancement Awards for US Graduate Student Research in Japan are due 4/1/95; . Ditto for Japan Postdoctoral and Junior Investigator Research Fellowships and for Medium- and Long-Term Visits in Japan for US Researchers. Cooperative Activities with Africa, the Near East, and South Asia have a target date of 2/1/95; Western European Cooperative Programs, 4/1/95 -- except France, 5/1/95. [NSF Bulletin, 2/95.]

Private-sector scholarship sources for US students can be searched by Chinook College Funding Service. You see the number of hits and potential dollar amounts before paying a $49 search charge. . [Chris Tillman ,, 11/13/94.]