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Geneve Consulting Group (Cambridge, MA): MS/PhD in decision trees and Bayesian networks for data mining and financial modeling.

IBM T.J. Watson Research Laboratory (Yorktown Heights, NY): RA in text mining/information extraction, ML, NLP.

UMaryland (College Park): postdocs in multidimensional scaling, DB.

Manning & Napier (Rochester, NY): PhD NLP developer.

Chicago: PhD scientist in robotics and automation.

Visual Concepts (San Rafael, CA): SEs in ML, NN, AI for games. (*)

Papyrus Technology (SF Bay Area): MS/PhD sr. SE in AI, FL, CBR, expert systems for WWW applications.

Los Angeles: MS/PhD in KE, expert systems for finance/accounting.

USaskatchewan/ARIES Lab (Saskatoon): postdoc in AI, collaborative learning.

UTuebingen (Germany): computational linguists for teaching and research.

Sony (Stuttgart): R&D in PR, DSP for speech recognition/European languages.

Israel Inst. of Technology (Haifa): profs in AI, NN, KR, IS, KBS, etc.

* captain's cool job of the week. (Selected by Brian "captain" Murfin.)