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Oscar Garcia at NSF is now helping with the Digital Libraries initiative. His invited talk at IEA/AIE-94 was about NSF involvement in NII. Goals of the program keep changing, and problems with intellectual property and security have not been solved. NII might include banking services, enhanced email, distance education, information retrieval, and scientific "collaboratories." Congress is looking for industrial sponsorship, but requires that everyone must be able to access and provide information. Gore is now calling for a Global Information Infrastructure. [Randy Calistri-Yeh (, 6/9/94.]

Matthew Witten is looking for biomedical databases: genetic, demographic, environmental toxicity, dental data, medical imagery, etc. Please send any leads that you have to [Neuron Digest, 6/14/94.]

-- Ken

P.S. Happy Birthday to me; Happy Birthday to me; Happy Birthday Dear Kenneth; Happy Birthday to me.