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Oregon State University has a postdoc position in statistical machine learning for adding vegetation models to global-warming climate simulations. NN, simulated annealing, knowledge representation, and parallel computing. Must know or be eager to learn some basic plant physiology and soil hydrology. Apply by 7/5/94 to Dr. Thomas G. Dietterich ( [, 6/8/94. David Joslin.]

The Palo Alto VA Medical Center has an immediate postdoc opening in medical informatics. Also a fall position in health services research. May take additional training at Stanford. US citizenship required. Dr. Ruth Cronkite ( [Ted Shortliffe (, aimed, 6/8/94. Chris Matheus.]

Mercator Genetics (Menlo Park) needs a PhD computational biologist for DNA sequence acquisition and analysis (and Unix/Mac system administration). C, Perl, tcl/tk. #EBB-0510-BC,, (415) 617-0883 Fax. [George Hartzell (, #3578. Georg Fuellen, 6/9/94.] (This or a similar position is also being advertised by Tom Cahill (, 408 741 8043, 408 741 8042 Fax. [m.j.o, 6/9/94.)

NYNEX Science & Technology (White Plains, NY) has a summer job for a student to apply HMM, the Viterbi algorithm, and NN to hand-printed character recognition. Unix/C. Atul K. Chhabra (, (914) 644-2786, (914) 644-2404 Fax. [connectionists, 6/8/94.]

NYNEX also needs an experienced knowledge-based diagnostic system developer for its Loop Maintenance Expertise Group. Applications include telephone line testing, diagnosis and technician dispatching for residential and business phone services. Unix C/C++; Art/Lisp, Art-IM, Knowledge Craft, KEE, Pro Kappa, SNAP. Apply by 6/30/94 via surface mail to Mr. Hing-Kai Hung (, Nynex Science and Technology, 400 Westchester Ave., White Plains, NY 10604. [, 6/9/94. Jim Blythe.]

Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc. (Vienna, VA) needs US citizens for R&D in computer vision using Bayesian inference. Unix/C on Connection Machines. Robin Portman ( [Mike Kumbera (, m.j.o, 6/9/94.]

Kansas Wesleyan University needs a Christian MS/PhD faculty member in SE, OS, computer architectures, networking, and AI. Apply by 6/25/94 to Dr. Donald Rominger, Jr., VP/ Dean of the Faculty, KWU, 100 E. Claflin, Salina, KS 67401; 1-800-874-1154. [Guillermo Francia (, m.j.o, 6/10/94.]

A NY company is seeking an experienced software engineer in AI for 6-24 months. OOP, C++, Windows, and OS/2. Mr. Edward Pellon ( [m.j.o, 6/10/94.] (This or a similar "long term" position in Westchester County, NY, is also being advertised by Softrix, Inc. (Piscataway, NJ), softrix, 908-271-9401 Fax, Job Order #06-15. $45-$50K. [m.j.o, 6/11/94.])

HNC, Inc. needs a mathematically sophisticated BS/MS/PhD C/C++ programmer to develop NN algorithms for the financial industry. Position #412, HR Dept., HNC, 5930 Cornerstone Court West, San Diego, CA, 92121-3728; 619-546-8877, 619-452-6524 Fax. [Steven Biafore (, m.j.o,, 6/12/94.] (Also Position #415, to manage client implementation projects.)

Fannie Mae -- a federal mortgage agency, FNEMA (?) -- is advertising for expert system developers for KBS, OODA, uncertainty management and statistical modeling. Unix/PC C/C++ and hybrid shells. Fannie Mae, Dept. 210-667-JJ, P.O. Box 39192, Washington, DC 20016. [Boston Globe, 6/12/94. Ron Zacharski.]

Gensym Corp. is looking for a senior software developer for the G2 NL interface. Familiarity with multiple platforms and OOP required. Also a senior Lisp software developer for GUI development, and course developers/technical instructors experienced in CS, math, OOP, C, GUI design, statistics, NN, ES, and scheduling. Human Resources Dept., 125 Cambridge Park Drive, Cambridge, MA 02140. [Boston Globe, 6/12/94. Ron Zacharski.]

Dragon Systems, Inc. needs software engineers for MS Windows C/C++ audio and digital signal processing. Human Resources, 320 Nevada Street, Newton, MA 02160. [Boston Globe, 6/12/94. Ron Zacharski.]

Imperial College Centre for Planning and Resource Control (IC-Parc), est. 9/93, needs a PhD (or experienced) researcher in relational, deductive and temporal database systems; temporal modeling; constraint-based temporal reasoning, planning and scheduling; and constraint logic programming, to develop an environment for such work. Prof. Barry Richards (, +44 71 225 8451, +44 71 589 7127 Fax. [Manolis S. Koubarakis (, dbworld, 6/9/94. Also comp.constraints, David Joslin.]

UGeneva needs a half-time French-fluent computational psycholinguistics programmer/scientist for neural-network simulation of speech and word recognition, and to analyze lexical databases. Apply by 6/20/94 to Prof. Uli Frauenfelder (, +41-22-3001482 Fax. [Graham Russell (, ELSNET, 6/7/94.]

UExeter/CS needs a lecturer in cognitive science with research interests in AI, NN, CL, visualization, and cognitive modeling/architecture. Ref. 3913e,; closing date 7/6/94. Ajit Narayanan (, (0392) 264064. [Don Mitchell (, connectionists, 6/8/94.]

Uppsala University (Sweden), Dept. of Computer Systems, needs a postdoc or research scientists in NN and VLSI analog/digital circuit design/construction. Apply by 9/8/94 to Prof. Lars Asplund (, +46 18 55 02 25 Fax. [Jakob Carlstr|m (, connectionists, 6/13/94.]