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Infinity Project aims to use net discussion in creating a non-profit WWW game design company. Explore ideas at . [Kevin Swarts , comp.apps, 7/4/96.]

John December is preparing a major update of his "December List" of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and Internet resources and services, "one of the most well-known Internet reference documents ever created." See for lists of technologies, applications, culture, discussion forums, and bibliographies. Send additions to . [, 7/16/96. net-hap.]

Don Tveter has been putting together a backprop FAQ/bibliography and tutorial/tip sheet called Backpropagator's Review. Many of the articles are available online. See , or for free Unix/DOS code. is the professional version.) [,, 7/20/96.] (One of Don's new listings is UYork's special-interest collaboration network in neural networks and remote sensing, .)

-- Ken