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IntelliSys Corporation is looking for an MS/PhD developer for a geographical information system (GIS). Relevant experience includes expert systems, fuzzy logic, image processing, data compression, and air pollution control. Work will be in Taiwan, New Mexico, and/or New Jersey. Dr. James Liu, (505) 298-2333. [Howard Hou (,, 9/7.]

UMinnesota's Geometry Center, the National Science and Technology Research Center for Computation and Visualization of Geometric Structures, has three $40K research fellowships available. [Mark V. Meuer (, m.j.o, 9/4.]

Bellcore's Multimedia Communications Research organization needs a PhD CS researcher experienced in low-level system issues for its Information Networks Research group. Contact Jonathan Rosenberg ( [m.j.o, 9/6.]

UIllinois at Urbana-Champaign has an AI post-doc position available in its Knowledge-Based Engineering Systems Research Laboratory (KBESRL). Contact Stephen Lu ( [R. Bharat Rao (, m.j.o, 9/6.]

BioCAD Corporation needs database and algorithm software engineers for computer-aided chemistry. Sondra Card (sondra [Gary Chappell (, m.j.o, 9/7.]

Honeywell's Corporate R&D lab needs a senior research engineer in database systems and software engineering. Satya Prabhakar ( [m.j.o, 9/6.]

Thomas Search Consultants is looking for MS/PhD AI/Planning/KR people. One East Coast position involves AI and decision support applied to Army map databases. Chad Thomas (c.thomas, (703) 643-2226. [, 9/10.]

Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (a sister company of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.) is recruiting MS/PhD EE/Computer Engineering scientists for its Osaka and Tokyo laboratories. A 2 to 3-year commitment is expected; Japanese ability is not required. Contact Howard Yamamoto (recruiting by 10/18/91. [Tom Borgstrom (tom, m.j.o, 9/9.]