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The Computer Science Lab at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto, CA) is looking for an experienced builder of computer hardware to work with hardware and software scientists constructing prototypes of future computer systems. Contact Mark Weiser ( [This is for a Computist. Please post it to friends who might be interested. -- KIL]

UCalifornia is helping to establish the American University of Armenia in Yerevan, to be moved later to Abovian. Mihran S. Agbabian, USC's civil engineering chairman, has been proposed as the first president; UCB's Armen Der-Kiureghian as Dean of Engineering; and Stepan Karamardian, former UC Riverside dean, as Dean of the College of Business Management. Visiting lecturers in CS are needed for stays of 3 to 12 months. Contact Prof. Der- Kiureghian ( [Diane Curtis, SF Chronicle, 7/22. Roupen Nahabedian (nagabed@ntmtv.uucp),, 7/24.]

A Silicon Valley startup working on multilingual OCR is looking for Mac or MS Windows engineers with AI, pattern recognition, and OCR experience. Contact Greg Buechler (, Oryx Executive Search, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA), (408) 749-1567. [, 7/5.]

The PANGLOSS interactive machine-translation project needs an experienced R&D manager for a team at the CMU Center for Machine Translation, the NMSU Computing Research Laboratory, and USC ISI. Knowledge of NLP, LISP, and PROLOG is required. Contact Sergei Nirenburg ( [, 7/16.]

A Palo Alto R&D startup needs several MS/PhD computer scientists and software engineers. Contact Barbara Lynch (barbara [Dov Rosenfeld (,, 7/16.]

Boeing Computer Services' Advanced Computing Technologies Center (Philadelphia, PA) has openings for NLP developers. Contact Krishna Nanda ( [NL-KR, 7/17.]

The UEdinburgh AI Applications Institute (a tech-transfer organization with the Dept. of AI) needs professional staff members in AI modeling (decision support, qualitative reasoning, numeric modeling, simulation) and in knowledge-based scheduling. [Robert Rae (,, 7/18.]

The Software Verification Research Centre (SVRC) in Brisbane is looking for a Ph.D.-level Research Fellow for a team working in AI-based real-time verification of embedded systems. Contact John Staples ( by 8/19/91. [Susan Dowrie (,, 7/24.]

GTE Labs (Waltham, MA) needs an experienced MS/PhD knowledge engineer to develop expert systems for automating company operations. [William Papp (,, 7/8.] GTE Labs also needs an experienced MS/PhD DAI researcher to work on interagent coordination for cooperative fault management and operations support. [Robert Weihmayer (,, 7/22.]