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SRI's Computer Science Lab (Palo Alto, CA) needs an MS experienced with language tools and syntax-directed machine translation. LISP, C, C++, and theorem-proving experience helpful. Dr. Mark Moriconi. [Elizabeth Luntzel (, 8/15.]

The Environments and Systems Department of HP Labs (Palo Alto, CA) is looking for a PhD/equivalent to develop multiprocessor operating systems. Dr. Paula Hawthorn ( [Roy D'Souza (, 8/16.]

The School of Computing and Information Technology at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) needs a PhD Research Fellow to work on deductive, object-oriented database systems. Contact Prof. Rodney Topor ( by 9/6/91. [, 8/14.]

North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC) is establishing a software engineering center in the Dept. of EE. Faculty positions are available for PhD/CS candidates, especially those with industrial experience. Dr.P.K. Lala ( [Krishna C. Yaralagadda ( [, 8/14.]

Intel's Supercomputer Systems Division (Hillsboro, OR) needs a senior computational scientist in parallel programming and numerical linear algebra. [Nancy Martin (nmartin, 8/15.]

HP's Software Technology Division (Mountain View, CA) needs a BS/MS R&D software design engineer to develop SGML electronic publishing tools. Wesley Cheng ( [Ashmeet Sidana (, 8/15.]

The University of York, Dept. of CS, has been seeking a 21- month Research Associate in vision by associative reasoning for aerial scene interpretation. The project in parallel distributed systems involves British Aerospace, Defence Research Agency (formerly RSRE) - Malvern, and USurrey. Dr. Edwin Hancock ( [Neuron Digest, 8/12.]

A new graphics-oriented consulting agency is soliciting resumes and contracting jobs in scientific visualization, image processing, CAD/CAM, GIS, and GUI. Contact Mark J. McCallum, P.O. Box 6178, Kingston, NY 12401. [(,, 8/15.] (This is how you start an agency, folks!)