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The European Neural Network Society has been created to sponsor ICANN conferences, organize summer schools, and develop an electronic bulletin board and quarterly newsletter concerning artificial and biological neural networks. Special Interest Groups will also be formed. ENNS encourages worldwide membership. Current officers include Tuevo Kohonen, President; Igor Aleksander, Rolf Eckmiller, and John Taylor, VPs. Contact Agnessa Babloyantz (adestex@bbrbfu60.bitnet) or r09614@bbrbfu01.bitnet. [Connectionists, 7/3.]

William J. Keller Jr. runs a free bboard system with AI freeware/shareware. (412) 244-9416, 2400 B8N1, 8:30 pm to 8:30 am. 417 Peebles Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. [PC AI, 7-8/91.]

The Society for the Management of AI Resources and Technology-Financial Services Inc. (Smart-F$) holds meetings in the Manhattan area. $40/year for individuals, $100 for companies, and free for full-time students. Contact Susan Garavagli, (212) 552-9186. [AI Expert, 7/91.]

The Bay Area Expert Systems Group (Baxig) serves San Francisco. No charge for membership. Contact Blair Helsing ( [AI Expert, 7/91.]

The Boston Computer Society (BCS) has an AI SIG and an Expert Systems/Neural Networks SIG. Society dues are $40/year. Contact Carl Fink, (617) 261-8514, for general information; Tod Loofbourrow (, (617) 720-2760, about the ES/NN SIG. [AI Expert, 4/91.]

The Personal Computer Club of Toronto has an AI SIG. $35/year. Luiciano Martin, (416) 741-5346. [AI Expert, 4/91.]

The North Texas Association for AI (NTAAI) meets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. $20/year, or $5 for students. Contact Richard Vedder ( [AI Expert, 4/91.]

ACM has a Neural Net SIG in San Diego. Contact Dave Holden ( [AI Expert, 7/91.]

The Software Entrepreneurs' Forum has begun a new special interest group on expert systems. Meetings will be at the Sun Tower in Mountain View, CA, 7:30 p.m., on the second Monday of every month. Contact Leor Jacob ( at (408) 734-5760 for information or to volunteer as a speaker. (The AIA group run by Leor and Rita Zokei has been disbanded.) Other SEF SIGs are for IBM, Mac, UNIX, HyperCard, Networks, and Marketing. Membership is $95, or $25 for just the newsletter. Call Barbara Cass at (415) 854-7219 for details.

MacSciTech (Worcester, MA) is a new international association for Macintosh users in science and engineering. Charter dues are $25/year, or $15 for students. Shari Worthington, Consortium for Laboratory and Industrial Applications of the Macintosh, (508) 755-5242. [EDN, 6/27.] I presume that they put out a newsletter. They are also sponsoring a conference on Scientific and Engineering Applications for the Macintosh (SEAM '92), January 15-17, in San Francisco (overlapping MacWorld Expo). Contact by August 1. [MicroTimes, 7/8.]

The Society for Machines and Mentality, a new AI/cognitive science society, will meet with the American Philosophical Association in December to launch Kluwer's new Minds and Machines: Journal for AI, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science (James H. Fetzer (, Ed.). The guest speaker will be William Bechtel, Department of Philosophy, Georgia State University, speaking on current issues in connectionism. [William J. Rapaport ( PSYCOLOQUY, 6/26.]

ARACHNET (, originally established by Willard McCarty, is being revived by Michael Strangelove ( and Diane Kovacs as an association for editors of electronic discussion groups, newsletters, digests, and scholarly journals -- of which there are more than 600. The LISTSERV fileserver at UOttawa will keep a list of such publications, current ARACHNET members, and FTP-able files available from the members. (A different list, LSTOWN-L@indycms, covers technical aspects of running a LISTSERV list.) [Diane Kovacs ( LIBRES, 6/30.]

Bulletin Electronique LN, or the LN Electronic List, is an international electronic distribution list for computational linguists, with emphasis on study of the French language. The list is primarily in French, but many items are in English. The list is sponsored by the Association for Computations Linguistics (ACL) and the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH). (ACH has traditionally been strong in areas of computational lexicography, statistical models, and use of corpora.) The list currently has about 400 members in 25 countries. To join LN, send a "SUB LN " message to listserv@frmop11.bitnet. [Jean Veronis (]