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James J. Mitchell's business column condenses a lot of good sense about Silicon-Valley start-ups in this recession. While gurus monitor the agonies of large companies, hundreds of laid-off workers have been starting new companies -- small, invisible, but often healthy and growing. Technological change continues to accelerate, and entrepreneurs are stepping in to exploit advances or to help those struggling to keep up. The number of start-ups is down, but the number that will succeed is probably as great as ever. Venture-funded companies will have fewer well- funded competitors, and excellent prospects for success (or they wouldn't have won funding). There are more trained, hard-core entrepreneurs now, and venture capitalists are also more experienced. PCs and networks are more prevalent, so markets are bigger and customers are better educated. [SJ Mercury, 9/15.] (This might be a great time to start a business. Or to invest in one.)

See the 9/2/91 issue of MicroTimes for extensive articles on venture capital. (I'll try to condense some of the ideas for a later Communique.) Another resource is Upside magazine, which caters to executives and investors in technology companies. (11 issues per year for $48. (415) 377-0950.)

ACM members can tap several services mentioned in CACM, 9/91, p. 14. ACM sponsors a resume bank, job fairs, training course discounts, financial services, and [soon] career workshops and a career handbook. Members can also get discounts on Computerworld subscriptions, mail-order office equipment and supplies, and Airborne Express shipping.