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Physicist/astronaut Sally Ride has been chosen to head Clinton's science/space transition group. Her "cluster group" will review NASA, NSF, and the FCC. [Robert L. Park, WHAT'S NEW, 12/4.]

NSF has issued a press release on its Future of NSF report "recommending a new vision of the role of science in industry." FTP pr92100 from rnsb921 is a 26 KB update on the report itself. [, 11/29.] Reporters have asked "There's a lot of reaffirmation, but what's new here?"

Other press releases are also available. pr9284 lists Grand Challenge Applications group grants. pr9285 is "NSF Makes Awards Totaling $2.67M to Improve Computer Science and Engineering." pr9287 is about two new comprehensive regional centers for minorities (CRCM), and pr9288 concerns four awards in the new Partnerships for Minority Student Achievement (PMSA) program. nsf9240 is the new program guide (52 KB) for graduate research fellowships. [Ibid.]

NSF has revised its Directorate for Engineering FY93 Research Equipment Grant (REG) program notice, NSF 90-146. Sharon Middledorf, (202) 786-9530. [grants, 12/2.]

Mark Weiser ( notes that Computing Research News is available free to all full-time academic CS researchers, not just faculty. For-profit and nonprofit lab administrators and "persons who affect policies related to computing research" are also eligible. Write to for a subscription. Others may get CRN (5 issues per year) for $20 in the U.S., $32.50 in Canada, and $40 elsewhere. The 11/92 issue has CS faculty ads for 11 major universities.

Need a circuit designed? CAD/CAM work? Intricate machining? Call (800) 678-NTTC for access to 700 Federal labs. The National Technology Initiative is a hard-sell effort to put labs in touch with customers. [Robert L. Park, WHAT'S NEW, 12/4.]