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Technology Studies is a new multidisciplinary journal covering technological adaptation of work organization. Scheduled for 1993 by Walter de Gruyter (Berlin & New York). Sajjad Zahir ( [BIOMCH-L. Dan Updegrove (, C+HEALTH, 4/17.]

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMMING is a new journal for practical aspects of supercomputer compiler technology (Hans Zima,; data analysis tools (David Callahan,; languages (Jim McGraw,; techniques (Bo Kagstrom,; and reviews (Eugene Miya, Principal editors are Robert Babb II ( and Ron H. Perrott ( [Eugene N. Miya, sci.research, 4/3.]

Three new quarterly journals from the American Russian Technical Exchange Center (ARTEC; Moscow) will carry English summaries of research papers from the CIS: Communications; Reliability Analysis; and Queueing Theory. ARTEC Abstracts will include summaries from books, major journals, and exceptional doctoral dissertations. Contact Harrison & Co., 8909 Glenbrook Road, Fairfax, VA 22031. [Sharon Machlis Gartenberg (, sci.engr, 3/31.]

Journal of Logic, Language, and Information. Kluwer Academic Publishers, (617) 871-6600, fax (617) 871-6528. [IEEE Expert, 4/92.]

Natural Language Semantics: An Int. J. of Semantics and Its Interfaces in Grammar. Three issues per year. Editorial Office, Postbus 17, 3300 AA Dordrecht, The Netherlands. [IEEE Expert, 4/92.]

IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks needs articles. Herbert E. Rauch, Lockheed 92-20/254 E, 3251 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94034. [IEEE Expert, 4/92.]

Neural Networks. Contact Sun-Ichi Amari (UTokyo), Stephen Grossberg (Boston University Center for Adaptive Systems, Mathematics Dept., 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215), or Teuvo Kohonen (Helsinki U. of Technology). [IEEE Expert, 4/92.]

Engineering Applications of AI. Contact M.G. Rodd (UWales), G.J. Suski (LLNL, P.O. Box 808, L-550, Livermore, CA 94550), or T.S. Ng (UHong Kong). [IEEE Expert, 4/92.]

Communications of the Chinese and Oriental Languages Information Processing Society (Comm.COLIPS), a new quarterly, is in need of submissions. Kim Teng Lua (, USingapore. [NL-KR Digest, 3/26.]

Computational theories of interaction and agency; AI Journal. Contact Stan Rosenschein ( or Phil Agre ( by 9/1. [connectionists, 3/26.]

Multimedia information systems; IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering. Rajiv Mehrotra (; 6/1. [Computer, 4/92.]

Applications of graphics in environmental decision support; IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications. Philip K. Robertson; 6/1. CSIRO Div. of Information Tech., Center for Spatial Information Systems, GPO Box 664, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia. [Computer, 4/92.]

Parallel and distributed simulation; J. of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Jason Yi-Bing Lin (; 6/1. [Computer, 4/92.]

Amazing desktop applications; IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications. Jack Grimes (; 6/15. [Computer, 4/92.]

Dependability of AI systems; IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2/94. Jeffery J.P. Tsai (, DAI-List, 4/21.

Knowledge acquisition and machine learning; Heuristics: The Journal of Knowledge Engineering. Contact Merrill Warkentin ( by 3/15. [Knowledgebase, 1/92.] (The announcement just came!)

Intelligent information systems; Heuristics. Contact F. Golshani ( by 4/1. [ibid.]

Software engineering and knowledge engineering: cooperation, competition, and co-competition; Heuristics. Contact Juan Pazos ( by 9/1. [ibid.]

Real-world applications of machine learning techniques; Heuristics. Contact Yves Kodratoff ( by 9/1. [ibid.]

Philosophical aspects of heuristics; Heuristics. Contact James H. Fetzer ( by 1/1/93. [ibid.]

Use of symbolic math packages for AI; AI Exert magazine. Thomas Murphy ( [Pieter Bowman (,, 4/10.]